Friday, June 9, 2017


Hello World it's the HR Task Force Reengineering lines in Roll Out.

For as long as HR Tech remains overly complicated there will be a need to think in new ways about how to better align both HR Tech and Vendor Portals to better processes to connect initiative on both Compliance AND the neglected point of Labor Economics and Efficiency of Flow on the Portal lines to inspire awareness of talent to the lines to help on needs.

With this in mind and years of silent suffering through technology that is in need of an update, rethink and rewrite we will canvass the lines and note the rub points observed in the hopes that someone will either call us in to help or directly fix these issues for the benefit of all and the better, faster connection of labor to hire with economic efficiency to match supply and demand as a key role for efficiency.

DCarsonCPA HR Task Force Lines

and more to context on linkedin

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